Hello lovelies! That's right, it's day 120 for me and my husband, and it doesn't look like this countdown will end anytime soon, nor should it until we have a vaccine. We've seen so much happening in the world this year and it's all been so surreal. So many countries on lockdown due to this ever evolving virus and so many trying to reopen, only to have the virus surge again. At times it feels like it will never end.
Brandon and I had plans to further our travels this year, so I could expand my travel articles here and possibly even add in some vlogging on YouTube. But... that isn't going to happen for now, so We've had to scale back our plans and make changes, and honestly I'm not sure what the future will look like for this dream of ours. I just have to keep writing and photographing and hopefully we'll be able to travel again sooner than later. Until then...
We'll likely be revisiting some of the trips we've taken in the last 6 years and dabbling in food & wine stuff. Our food experiments (as B calls them) will be us trying to make popular foods from other countries. I mean really, if we can't travel there, we might as well eat like we can. Right? So, you'll start seeing more of that here as well. Then, as it becomes safe to do so, and we have the means & equipment, we plan to start doing some camping travels throughout Canada, as it doesn't look like the border will open anytime soon. AND even if Brandon can fly to places outside of Canada because he's Canadian, I can not do so with my American passport. Thanks Trump! So yeah, this is the plan for now.
Otherwise, I'll be spending my summer safely at home, writing, taking care of my plant babies, and preparing myself for the return to school in September. I have to be honest, I'm still unsure if I feel comfortable going back into the classroom without a vaccine, so that's going to be a difficult decision for me come Fall. I have to weigh the risks and benefits and figure out if my small salary will be enough to risk exposure for me and my family. You just can't put a price on life.
I also miss my family and friends in the States and not knowing when I'll get to see them again is tough. I usually hear from my son via video chat several times a week, and that helps, but it's not the same as being there. I'm also afraid for him as he lives in a state in which the government isn't taking the risks seriously and people are just going about their lives as if all is well. It's scary and heartbreaking. I seriously haven't prayed this much in years!
Anyway, what are your summer plans? I'm curious what others are doing during this time to stay sane and safe. We take lots of walks to get fresh air and sunshine, as we don't have much outdoor space at our condo. I write everyday and will likely be painting (both walls & creatively) soon. And some days we allow ourselves to grab a Starbucks and sit on their patio, as long as there aren't many people there. If so, we just take it home. We are also in planning mode for future travel and food experiments, so that means lots of research. Basically, we keep busy.
I guess I'll wrap this up now, but if I could say one thing in this article that would stick with you, it would be this. Please do us all (the world) a favor and wear a mask when in public, wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer, and stay home whenever possible. We have to get the spread of this virus under control in order for us to get back to at least a new normal. It has nothing to do with your rights being violated and everything to do with public health and safety. Wearing a mask is the LEAST we can do to help stop the spread. THIS is Our frontline and it is Our duty to do Our part to keep Everyone safe. It's that simple. Refusal to do so is pure selfishness, and our world, our children, our parents & grandparents deserve better.
So yeah, until next time, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, & be better!