Today is day 15 of my husband and I practicing social distancing and working from home. For some of that time I was also quarantined because I was waiting for the results of my #COVID19 test and still getting over the lingering symptoms of my now month long bout with pneumonia. As you know, my test results came back negative, but with my crappy immune system, my doctor encouraged me to stay in and away from people who could possibly make me sick again. So, that's what I've been doing.
My husband has been making the trips to the grocery store for us, thank goodness for him and his awesome immune system! I don't know what I'd do without his love and support. This week marked my first trip to the grocery store in so long, and probably my last for a while. My anxiety is crippling at times, and being in such social situations right now isn't optimal for my sanity. So once again, I really appreciate my wonderful husband! I was also able to get out and about for some walks in my neighborhood this week, and I really enjoyed that. For the most part people are doing a great job social distancing, but some are born asshats and just can't help themselves, so yeah moving on.
Things I've learned in my first 2 weeks of social distancing...
1) True entertainers are born, not made. I'm 100% loving how actors, comedians, musicians, artists, authors, and the like have taken to their social media accounts to entertain and be entertained. It's literally (don't judge me!) who they are and they can't not do it. I'm loving how real and raw it is, and how much wonderful content and heartfelt activism there is. I can't help but to be uplifted by it all. Thank you to each and everyone of you!
2) Women will use any excuse to not wash their hair. Seriously ladies, I'm impressed with the sheer volume of images and videos of you wonderful ladies with your oily, tousled tresses. It's like ten days without washing my hair? No big deal, let me Instagram that shit! I will never again feel guilty for going an extra day without washing. Thank you! #DryShampoo
3) PJ's are the new business casual and it's about time!
4) The key to cutting our carbon footprint (wait is that the term I'm looking for? Maybe it's our emissions. Perhaps it's just the key to saving our planet? Either way this still works, I think...) is eliminating the need for a daily commute in rush hour traffic by doing your job from your home office, in your PJ's, like a boss, if at all possible. This crisis proves that working from home can work, so companies need to step up. #SaveThePlanet
5) Alan Shapiro's cat has a weird tongue. No joke! If you don't believe me give him a follow and enjoy the cat stories. Seriously, do it. It's strangely entertaining. Also while you're there, he posts some pretty cool photos of flowers and food. Ya know, photographer stuff. Enjoy!
6) There are so many cooks & bakers out there and it only took a pandemic for us to realize that we don't have to go out for dinner every night. Though let's be honest, as soon as this is over, we are all getting dressed up (by which I mean out of our PJ's) and going out to eat a meal we didn't make for ourselves.
7) I'm not the only person who suffers from anxiety. Ok, I knew that already, but this time at home has given me the opportunity to read and/or watch you guys talk about your struggles with anxiety, some of which I can totally identify with. Maybe it's just me, but reading and hearing those stories helps me cope with my anxiety just a tad bit easier, and that's a win in my book. 
8) People are genuinely good hearted. We laugh, we cry, we stress, we help, we share, we love.
9) There is no dress code at home. I'm not going outside, so I can wear whatever I want and nobody can say shit about it. Superman shirt, pajama bottoms, and Birkenstocks with socks, check! You know you're jealous or maybe amused. Whatever.
10) Some of us are lucky to be living in countries where the leaders are compassionate people who truly care about the wellbeing of their citizens. This leadership will see us as safely as possible through this pandemic. Thank you, Canada!
11) Toilet paper is a hot commodity. Probably because people are full of shit.
12) You can easily entertain yourself and waste some of the abundance of time you have by watching videos of not so smart people doing really stupid stuff. You'll end that 1 1/2 hour trip down the rabbit hole with sore abs and a renewed sense of just how damn smart you are. Try it!
13) You can also easily entertain yourself and waste some of the abundance of time you have by watching videos of funny animals. Cats are gangsters, y'all! (Sidenote, I never say y'all as a grammatical rule, but it felt right at this particular juncture.)
14) Coloring books aren't just for kids. Again, I already knew this, but at times like this it's really calming and therapeutic for us stressed out adults to get lost in a good mandala coloring page. Yes, I work with kindergarteners, that is when the schools are open and I can actually go to work. Until then, I have to keep my skills sharp, yo!
It will be interesting to see what I learn in the next few weeks. Maybe I'll even be able to focus long enough to finish that Margaret Atwood Masterclass I started. So far, it's awesome! She's such a great storyteller.
Until then, make sure you're following me on Instagram & Twitter! Be kind, be loving, be better!