If you've followed me since my Google+ days you'll know that I once founded and curated for many years (until I passed the torch to others), the B&W Project on G+. Back in the day I more often than not processed my photos B&W instead of color, so founding a project on the subject wasn't too off base for me. Since those days I've discovered my love of color photography, but I still process in B&W as the mood strikes, and really enjoy fine art B&W photography
Anyway, I've been going through my archives, a COVID induced necessity, and I've come across some of the photos I shot for the B&W Project and thought I'd share them here, for those of you who didn't follow me way back when G+ was cool and still alive. Also for those of you who did follow me but don't mind a walk down memory lane.
The photo above was taken on my little Olympus 4/3's camera, and I still absolutely love it! This is the top portion of the very cool United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It's a place I wouldn't mind visiting again, as the entire structure is a great piece of architecture and I'd love to capture it all, and do so on a camera that produces photos that are high enough quality to print. Until then, I'll just keep gazing upon this.
The other images below were certainly all taken during my minimalist phase, of which I still like to shoot when I have the opportunity. The first is titled The Hangover, for obvious reasons. The second is a minimalist photo of my Macbook Pro, and the third is a detail shot of a incandescent light bulb. All of which were taken specifically for a themed day during the project. The Hangover leaves little doubt as to what the theme was, and the Bright Ideas one was most likely Ideas, but I'm not sure what theme I was shooting for with my Macbook. Any guesses?
As usual, below you'll find the above mentioned photos. If you'd like to see more photos as well as video content, please visit me on my Instagram page linked below. Until next time, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, & be better!