This year I challenged myself and my husband to spend less across the board, even when it comes to trips to the liquor store, or as it's known in Ontario, the LCBO. I set a $10 or less spending limit per bottle of wine, and my husband cringed, BUT... so far we've been pleasantly surprised with the picks we've made in this price range. So much so that we've decided that it would be fun and informative to do a monthly blog post with our top picks, one each of white and red.
So, without further ado, I bring you January's picks!
Our white wine pick for January is Penny Lane Pinot Grigio. This is a light, crisp Pinot Grigio from California's Treasury Wine Estates that rates a D (dry) on the sweetness chart, and its alcohol percentage is12. This wine is simply smooth, and is said to pair well with grilled fish and seafood pastas, though I think it works well alone and would be a great wine for entertaining, or relaxing with a book. It will definitely be a go-to in my wine fridge and the fact that it costs only $9.95 CAD (about $7.50 USD) makes it an absolutely great buy. You won't be disappointed!
Our red wine pick for January is Misterio Malbec. This is a medium-bodied, fruity Malbec from Argentina's Finca Flichman that rates a D (dry) on the sweetness chart, and its alcohol percentage is13. This wine would pair well with a nice charcuterie & cheese board, so it's perfect for gatherings with finger foods. My husband loves a good Malbec, and I'm not typically a fan, but this Malbec is an exception to that rule. It's truly smooth, where as I usually find a Malbec to be a bit too bold for my palate. This wine rings in at $10 CAD (about $7.56 USD) and is well worth the purchase.
If you live in Ontario, and have any suggestions for LCBO wines we should try for $10 or less, leave a comment below! And even if you don't live in Ontario and you have suggestions, please feel free to comment below. We'll do our best to find them in our LCBO stores.
Until next time, sip responsibly & cheers!