Hello Lovelies! It is day 115 of COVID-19 social distancing and isolation. So many days. When we went out this weekend to get groceries and supplies I was truly disturbed by the amount of people out and about, carrying on as if they hadn't a care in the world, not even bothering to do the least they can do by wearing a mask and hardly trying to social distance, unless forced. It's unconscionable and I can't for the life of me understand why people think so little of their fellow human beings that they can't even bother to mask up to help protect others.​​​​​​​
We are still dealing with a pandemic and I think people would like to forget that, but the minute we start behaving like our neighbors to the south is the minute all our hard work goes down the drain and come September we'll all be homeschooling our kids again and not working. That's not ok! Stop being selfish and if you have to go out, wear a mask! If you don't have to go out, stay home! I know we are all tired of being at home, but if this is what it takes to ensure the health of all citizens, ensure we're able to go back to work sooner than later, and ensure that the educational system can start running again, then that's what we should do.
Ok, ok I'll end my rant there.
In other news, I'm down 6.8 lbs in spite of the fact that I was directed by the ER doctor to rest and take it easy. Yes, I had to go to the ER last week. I had chest pains on the right side and couldn't ignore them, even though I wanted to because I didn't want to go in for one thing and possibly come out with COVID. So I spent my Canada Day evening in the ER while Brandon waited for me in the car, because only patients were allowed. I'm not going to lie, it was scary. But all tests came back excellent, so the Dr's theory is that it was pleurisy, which is an inflammation of the linings of the chest wall, which cause sharp, intense pains. I was prescribed pain meds (Naproxen) and sent home. Luckily, I haven't had an allergic reaction to the meds, yay!
So yeah, my 1 to 2 hours of exercise each day wasn't happening at the end of last week, and my legs started to cramp at night because of it. Thankfully Saturday I was able to get an hour (2 half hours) of walking in with Brandon, and again on Sunday. I was also able to do my stretches on Sunday and today, which is so helpful! Anyway, it wasn't fun but it's over now and I'm glad to be feeling better and able to breath without pain again.
Brandon was off work all week, so we did a lot of cooking and experimenting with new foods, hence the photo above. I saw this video about Korean Egg Bread and knew I had to try it. So, I got all the ingredients together and prepped, and then had Brandon be my on camera guy as I stepped him through the recipe and filmed it. If you want to see the videos and photos, check out my Instagram! It was a success and so delicious. I can see that recipe being a favorite brunch snack for us, or an anytime we are craving egg bread snack.
We also made some Chinese Green Onion Pancakes (a snack Brandon loves) that were yummy, though I think we may have to tweak that recipe a bit. And finally Brandon tried his hand at Japanese Souffle Pancakes, that were yummy, but they fell flat. We'll definitely be trying to perfect that one. They taste like french toast! Then on Sunday I made some carrot cake mini loaves with cream cheese icing and if Brandon doesn't take them to work with him, I may eat them all and lose any progress I've made on losing weight.
I'm still reading The Last Train to London by Meg Waite Clayton, but finding it good. Sadly, I haven't had time to really dive into it, but I'm hoping that will change this week. I also have another book of poetry that I'd like to start reading, but I've been so busy that I didn't think I would be able to devote enough time to truly taking it in. Again, maybe this week.
Since February I haven't been able to see any of my specialists that help me with my Neck/Shoulder/Back pain, and it's been tough. Dealing with Osteoarthritis pain and a herniated disk without your physical therapist, Chiropractor, and Massage Therapist isn't easy. But... I have my first appointment with my RMT tomorrow and I'm both excited and a bit anxious. My body needs this, but all my brain can think of is COVID-19. I know the staff at the pain management center are professional and will do everything possible to make sure we are all safe, but it's still strange to be going into that setting again, after all this time, and all we know.
So yeah, that's about all for this week. Tune in Friday for my first travel article from our Porto trip! That's right, I'm finally getting that all organized and ready to publish. So, until next time, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, & be better!