Welp, this is day 24 of our #SocialDistancing #SelfIsolation #Quarantine protocol, and I have cabin fever, as I imagine we all do. I'm still trying to keep busy with working from home in the form of Reflection Assignments from my boss and making videos for the kiddos. I'm also writing a lot and taking care of other creative and not so creative endeavors that I've been putting off. Basically, I'm Spring cleaning the crap out of this place. It's what I do when I'm anxious.
Speaking of anxiety, that rollercoaster is still running at full speed. I fluctuate between being ok and sobbing on the sofa. I have moments where I can't breathe and I feel as if I'm having a heart attack and I wonder, what the Fork is this?! I mean I know all too well that it's simply an anxiety attack, but given the current pandemic, I can't help but flash momentarily to COVID panic. Oh yeah and my eyes, nose, throat, and head tell me allergy season is knocking on the door, but once again I have that anxious moment every morning when I wake to find my eyes and throat burning, my nose both stuffy and running, and my head killing me that I question is this allergies or COVID?! It's allergies guys. It's always allergies for me. After the initial wave of anxious nausea, I get up and a begin my day with a cup of tea and the news, and yes I should know better at this point, I really should. But I read all the heartbreaking stories, and the infuriating political news from the USA, and all I want is a dang fluff piece telling me something, anything good and positive, not COVID related. Thankfully my next step is to do my stretches and meditate, which helps ground me, and a lot of time saves me from hours of panic scrolling Google News. Anyway...
So, last week I told you that my Wix dashboard keeps prompting me to write my first blog post and publish my website. That's kinda how Monday Monologue was born, as I was trying to get those stupid prompts to go away! Well... it didn't work. Wix still tells me I need to write a blog post and publish my website, though that has obviously already happened. So yeah,Wix is still a wee bit drunk and I'm still annoyed, but I'll get over it. Because hey, there are more pressing things to concern myself with these days. Such as... how many Oreos is it ok to eat in one sitting?
Last week I told you that I was starting to read Chris Prentiss' Be Who You Want, Have What You Want book about finding your happy and living it. Well... it turns out that every chapter ends with an assignment and some of those assignments can be days or weeks long. Yeah. I'm still enjoying the book, but it isn't exactly leisurely reading material. So, I've also started Michelle Obama's Becoming, which I'm really enjoying. Sadly, with all the other projects I've had going this last week, I haven't been able to leave myself a lot of time to read. I'm hoping that will change this week, as I have purposely penciled in (actually it was teal ink pen) reading time each morning and then again before bed.
Ooh and... I have discovered another show on AppleTV+ that I'm really enjoying. So now my $5.99 a month can go for not one but two shows. Woohoo I'm on a roll! Anyway, I recently started watching Dickinson, it's interesting and I don't want to stop watching it, so I think I'm hooked. I'm on the last season of 30 Rock on Prime Video and I've started watching The Good Place on Netflix, which is somewhat interesting, and has given me a new word in Forked. To top off our screen time this week, my husband and I have started watching the Harry Potter movies again. We managed to get through 2 of them this weekend, and I'm sure we won't attempt anymore until next weekend. This may take a while. So what are you watching TV or Movie wise? Any recommendations?
Making videos for the kids in my program is difficult. Guys, I really dislike (I wanted to say hate but I tell my kids all the time that hate is a strong word so I decided to listen to my own teaching) being in front of the camera. Like really really dislike it. And the videos can't be more than 2 minutes long, I assume because they are being shared on social media. How am I supposed to teach them anything in 2 minutes? I can't even read them a book in that amount of time. So yeah, dilemmas.
I also have to file my US taxes this week and I keep putting it off because 1) why the fork do I have to file a tax return when I don't live or work in the US currently!? 2) It's not fun or enjoyable. Brandon, my fabulously wonderful husband, does my Canadian taxes for me because they make no sense to me when compared to what I'm used to in the US. Thank you, B! Now can you learn the US tax system so you can do those taxes for me as well? Pretty please with Scotch on top!
Speaking of US and Canadian stuff... I sent in my application for Canadian Citizenship last week! I've been a permanent resident long enough, and I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Besides, this is my home now, so I wanted to make it official. Now I have to study to pass the citizenship test, and I'm not sure this old brain can hold anymore knowledge. We surprisingly learned very little, if any, Canadian History in school in the US. Any of my Canadian friends want to be my study buddy?
Lastly I want to say that this working from home thing has some nice perks. My husband is always here and a lot of the time he cooks. I love when he cooks because that means I didn't have to. I'm not that person who loves cooking (I like it ok), never have been, never will be. I much prefer to bake, but I also like to fit into my clothes, so I don't do that as often as I used to. Anyway, last night he made me some gyozas w/broccoli and steamed rice. I' mean seriously folks, he had me at cooks!
On that note, I better end this rambling here and let you get back to making sure the kids are doing their online assignments and not watching Frozen 2 for the 100th time this week. Until next time make sure you're following me on Instagram & Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, be better!