Do you notice that this says 6 weeks but there are only 5 weeks? Yep, I'm awesome like that.

One month! We have been in #SelfIsolation during this phase of #COVID19 #SocialDistancing, and for some people #Quarantine, for a full month. For my husband and I this is day 31 to be exact. And we have at least until May 3rd to go. You'd think for a couple who spends most of their days working and then home, without a lot of socializing in between, that this wouldn't be that difficult, but you'd be wrong. Oh so wrong.
It's the little things, ya know? The weekend coffee shop visits (for us that's #Starbucks), window shopping, picking up a new book at the bookstore, going to #HomeSense for a few things needed around the house, grocery shopping, having a dinner out, visiting family, and just being able to leave your house without worrying that you or someone you love may be the next person to get COVID-19. We take all these things for granted, or at least we did before this pandemic hit, and these things are so precious to us. So yeah, cabin fever is real, and so are anxiety and depression, loneliness and fear.
I discovered yesterday that I have gained 5 lbs during this month of low activity and constant snacking. Considering though that I was down about 3 lbs after the pneumonia, It's only about a gain of 2 lbs total. But if I'm honest, I was already struggling to lose the 20+ lbs I've gained since moving to Canada, which isn't easy with a bad back, and being limited to walking or swimming for exercise. So yeah, it kind of feels hopeless at this point. I'm doing my stretches every morning, but I'm limited on what I can do. Walking is still ok at this point, as long as we keep our distance from people, but I still get very anxious just doing that and the weather sucks, so I don't go very often. And of course there will be no swimming until this is all said and done. So, what are you doing to stay fit during this time? I need suggestions! I'm skipping lunches this week and instead having a Boost High Protein Shake in the hopes that will help.
This week I managed to finish watching Dickinson on AppleTV+ and The Good Place on Netflix. My husband and I also finished rewatching all the Harry Potter Movies and as a bonus all the Fantastic Beasts movies as well. By Sunday night I swore off ever watching TV again, but ended up starting Community on Netflix, so yeah. I didn't read at all this weekend until last night, when I was able to get in a few chapters of Becoming before I fell asleep. Yep, I'm still working on that one and on the Chris Prentiss book, but I think I'll soon be done with Becoming and able to move on to another book. Yay! I'm a Gemini, so I lose interest quite rapidly, and these two books are taking forever to get through! I need a change of pace!
To follow up on last weeks monologue... Wix is still a wee bit drunk! I have given up and am now just choosing to ignore the stupid prompts. I finished my US taxes but I'm still miffed that I even have to file in first place, I mean seriously, what the heck man!? I couldn't talk Brandon into doing them for me, so I had to do it myself. I usually always use a certain preparer online but now their system has changed and it wasn't wanting to deal with my American living in another country and still filing taxes scenario very well. So, I had to pick a new online preparer and learn how to navigate their site. Turns out it was about 1000 times easier than my previous preparer. Only thing was that I couldn't e-file because I had never used them before, so I had to mail it in. No big deal. And lastly, I still dislike very strongly having to make videos of me talking to the kids. If I didn't have to be in the video it would be awesome, but no, I have to be in the video. Gah!
My anxiety is about the same. I had a few days when I cried a lot and some where I didn't. I'm dealing with my husband's company telling him that he has to start going into the office from time to time, which makes absolutely no sense to me! There is nothing he can do in office that he isn't doing from home. I think it's irresponsible of his company to expect this of him, when the directive is to work from home. I worry enough with the trips we have to make to the grocery store, which is essential. Now I'm worried he'll go to work and become infected and get sick and/or bring it home and we both get sick. It's irresponsible. And certainly not helping my anxiety.
I'm a fairly organized person. I think everything has its place and therefore should be in its place. I'm also a stickler when it comes to time management. I'm never late and I don't like to have wasted time during my day. I like being productive. That manifests itself in lists, lots of lists, schedules, and meal plans. I find that if I schedule my day with a list of Morning and Afternoon activities that need to be done, that I'm more likely to do them. I get a sense of accomplishment every time I check an item of my list. I usually sit at my desk on Sunday and plan out my week ahead. I pencil in everything from morning tea to cleaning the bathrooms. I also always keep a digital meal plan on Google Keep that my husband and I both have access to as well as a companion grocery list. This works well for week to week, but gets kind of clunky when you are trying to plan in advance to limit your visits to the grocery store. So, I sat down at my computer today and came up with a 6 week meal plan that I have printed out and placed on the fridge. The menu is perhaps a bit simpler than usual, because we are finding not everything is readily available at this time. *Fresh veggies are difficult to buy in advance so frozen is a good alternative.
On that note, I'll let you get back to attempting to school your children and work from home while the dog wants to play and the cat just wants to knock your coffee over onto your laptop. Enjoy these moments!
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