This is me in Lisbon, just a few carefree months ago. What a different world we live in now. 

Hello lovelies and welcome to day 45 of our pandemic induced #SocialDistancing, #SelfIsolation, #Quaratine, and #CabinFever! I skipped my Monday Monologue last week and gave myself a week off from posting anything on social media as well. I still browsed Instagram and Twitter here and there, but I didn't post anything to the feed or stories because I just needed a break. I came to realize that I had posted to Instagram for 37 days in a row, and that's just insane, in my humble opinion. I knew it couldn't be healthy for me, and I was right. That week off really helped me distance myself from the anxiety inducing COVID-19 talk, clear my head, and gain some perspective; I recommend it to everyone. Just take a break! Do it for your health and sanity and that of the people stuck in isolation with you. Those poor, people!
Today I learned that I'll be at home for a bit longer. Yep, the Ontario government has extended school closures until at least May 31st, which is a Sunday, so basically until June 1st. This comes as no surprise to anyone connected to the school system here, and in fact we wish they'd just go ahead and say whether or not we'll be out for the rest of the school year, so we can stop looking for announcements every few weeks and wondering what the future holds. But I guess that's the way of it during times like these. No matter what information they pass along someone in the public isn't going to be happy and there will be backlash, so they wait it out. Basically, they can't win for losing. I honestly feel sorry for our public leaders and their advisors in Canada, during this time.
Let's see... what have I done in the last two weeks since my last MM post? Ok, let's talk books. In my last MM post I talked about almost being done with Becoming by Michelle Obama, and I have since finished it. I've also started and finished Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson, The Alice Network by Kate Quinn (A Reese Witherspoon's Book Club pick from a while back), and a short story type book from #Amazon Prime Reading on Greek Mythology (It was free so yeah). I'm still struggling to get through the Chris Prentiss book because every chapter has multiple assignments at the end and some ask you to do things for 30 days. 30 forking days! So, I've decided to just read through the book, do assignments I can do within a day and skip there rest until the end. If by the end of the book I feel as if I'm getting enough out of his philosophy to endure the longer assignments, I will do them at that time. If not, I haven't wasted a good part of my year on a book I don't end up loving. In the meantime I am reading Virginia Woolf's A Writer's Diary (on the recommendation of JCO) and finding it quite interesting.
Speaking of diaries... In my lifetime I have started and stopped, thrown away and deleted many, many journals. It seems I'm quite the Gemini in that after a while, things bore me and I stop doing them. Also, I usually start new journals when I have some life issues to work through, and after writing the things down, I get a release, and no longer feel the need to vent. So I eventually throw out the handwritten stuff and delete the digital. I've even done this with past blogs. Once I start not posting to them anymore and they sit for months, I delete them, along with years worth of good writing, if I do say so myself, and I do, because I can't wait around for anyone else to say it. But I digress... I started a new journal during this absence and then a week later I was doing a writing class with Joyce Carol Oates and she talks about how writers should keep journals so that they keep their writing skills sharp and can look back on them many years later. And I was all, hey I'm ahead of the game! But I was also a bit sad that I had deleted all that good stuff from all those years ago. Then I was like, oh well, I can't change that. Fork it!
Along with my daily journal I have also started a dream journal. You guys, when I dream I do so in such a way that I could write books that would rival Stephen King's and immediately get picked up for movies or at least a mini series on the Sci-Fi channel or in the least Lifetime. My husband has been at me for years to write these down and I have done so exactly one time. And only then because as I was recounting my dream to my husband he was riveted! He was all "and then what happened?!" and "Oh my gosh you have to write that down!" That was last year or perhaps the year before and since then I haven't written anything down because well, I forget. But last week I had another dream that was creepy AF and after telling my husband about it he insisted that I start writing this shiz down and I was like ok, maybe there is something to that. And as I was writing it down I was all, "oh my gosh this is creepy!", "and then what happened?!", and then I was hooked and want to know how this story is going to end! So yeah, now I have to turn that into a short story or novel. I have to know!
To follow up on my last MM, Wix is still a wee bit drunk, or perhaps just completely faced, and I no longer play its silly game. I'm also down 3 lbs and seem to be stuck there. I still have a good 15 to 20 lbs to go before I'll be once again happy with my weight, but I'm starting to think that's just unattainable with my physical limitations. I also think living in the forking cold of Canada has made my body go into survival mode and pack on all this insulation, if you will. Thus proving that I need to live somewhere hot and perhaps humid so I can be constantly sweating off the pounds. I think that sounds logical, and now only need to get my husband and his company onboard so he can get transfered someplace that will accomodate that type of weather. I haven't managed to stick to the protein shake for every lunch, but I did the first week. I only do it several times a week now, but that's better than nothing.
Shall we talk TV & Movies, or perhaps we'll just call it entertainment? Whatever you choose to call it, I haven't had much. I'm not loving Community, and yes I know that's an unpopular opinion. I tend to just turn it on in the background because I know I'm not missing much. I had such high hopes, but alas they were dashed. We've tried watching several stand up comedy shows on #Netflix and didn't care for them, and I finally watched the Downton Abbey movie, which turned out to be a disappointment. I mean hello, I was bored! The show was so much better. We've also started watching a show called Home on #AppleTV+ and fell in love with the house inside of a greenhouse concept. Now we must have one! There was also one season of an older British show on Netflix called Restoration Home that we watched and enjoyed, but were frustrated that they didn't show the finished product of some of the houses. Sheesh! 
This week my company did a wellness challenge, and we were supposed to pick a wellness activity to do each day and document it with photos (if possible) and keep a written journal of it. They gave us a list of ideas but said we could do others not on the list, just as long as we were doing something beneficial to our wellness. I chose mediation and yoga stretches, as I already do that every morning anyway. But since that wasn't a stretch for me (see what I did there), I added in walks, when the weather cooperated, did some coloring pages (yes it was on the list!), and added a bit about my reading and journaling. It was a nice work assignment, and that is all that I have to say on that. Yep, just filler folks.
Yesterday I had #Starbucks for the first time since March 8th! We decided to brave it and made a mobile order that we picked up through the drive-thru. Yes, I know most of you are ordering take out and are fine with that, but it's a scary proposition for me... germaphobe and all. We then sat in my car in front of my favorite store (#HomeSense) and enjoyed our blonde white chocolate mocha with toffee nut. It was so good! I truly miss our weekend Starbucks visits, just sitting in our favorite corner, enjoying our favorite drinks, and talking about life and our future. Sigh... someday again. That's what I keep telling myself.
As far as my anxiety goes, last week was better. I think the break from social media helped with that a lot. So once again, I highly recommend that you schedule a break from all that social media and news stuff and just relax and unwind. And on that note, I'll let you get back to your regularly scheduled couch surfing while the kids build forts around you and the spouse hides in his/her office. Cherish these moments, though they seem trying now. Journal them. Enjoy this time with your kids. Teach them to cook! Enjoy the exit from the rat race while you can for it will return all too soon and we'll go back to wishing we had more free to with our families.
Until next time, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, & be better!​​​​​​​