Sporting the masks our neighbor made while
waiting to pick-up our burger order.
Hello lovelies! It's day 52 of pandemic isolation for us and well, it's kind of feeling like our new normal. In fact, the thought of having to go back to what was once normal gives me a spike in anxiety that I'd rather not experience. My husband's company is preparing its employees for the gradual reentry into the office once again, and it has me less than enthused. Of course my husband gets the privilege of making sure it all goes smoothly, and therefore has to go back for more days a week, much sooner than other employees. Just forking perfect!
I am still set to go back on June 1st, unless Ontario chooses to extend the closures further. I have to be honest, I hope they do extend it and that we don't go back until September. I just think you can't be too cautious when you're talking about packing large numbers of kids and staff altogether in one building. In that scenario, there is no way to enforce social distancing, and proper hand hygiene, and therefore no way to ensure they health and safety of everyone involved. But alas, it isn't up to me and my opinion. We'll see how it plays out.
This week I finally finished off that Chris Prentiss book and I'm so glad to be done with it. Though I found some good points in there, that I'll likely try to incorporate into my daily life, it felt a bit too much like an organized religion/belief system for my liking. So, I can't say I'd recommend it. I also started and finished The Last House Guest by Megan Miranda and loved it! I found myself thinking about the book and what I had just finished reading after each chapter and not being able to wait to get back to it so I could find out what happens next. So yeah, just read it! Next on my list will be The Scent Keeper by Erica Bauermeister. I bought it and 2 other books that were on my reading list during Amazon's Week of Deals on Kindle books this week. They have a new set of books on sale for under $5 each, every Monday, so be sure to check it out. I typically prefer having a actual hardcopy of the book, but during these times, ebooks are much more readily available and sanitary. And yes, I'm still working on Virginia Woolf's A Writer's Diary. It's definitely interesting, but also at times very difficult to follow. It's just not a sit down and take it all in kind of book.
It's been a slow week for TV/Movies. I'm just a bit burned out with all this screen time and had to give myself some space from it. That being said, Brandon and I did watch My Spy this weekend, and found it good for a few laughs, which is always nice. And then yesterday we discovered the Hillary documentary series on #Netflix, and couldn't stop watching. It was well done, interesting, and so informative. It touched a nerve as I've been wrestling with my own past experiences as a women in this "mans world" and I could really identify with so much of the things she has had to deal with. Hillary stayed strong and broke through those barriers and made a path not only for herself, but every woman after her. I have so much renewed respect for her and I recommend that documentary to everyone!
I'm back to posting on social media, but not everyday. I decided that I still need some distance when it comes to that stuff, so I only post 2 to 3 times a week now (if that) and I think it's much better that way. I still browse when I have the chance, because some of you and your Insta Stories just make my day! Paul Feig is an amazingly funny entertainer and I can't help but smile as I watch him dancing and mixing up drinks on his Insta Stories. Sadly, on a visit to my local LCBO I could not find his gin. Hopefully soon? Do yourself a favor, and check him out! I also find myself super entertained by Angela Kinsey with her That's What She Shed and Insta Stories about birds and bad hair days. Seriously, you have to find your smiles where you can and enjoy them!
The weather is starting to improve enough for us to get out and walk, at least a few days a week now, and we are taking advantage of every opportunity. We started out walking about 2 to 3 km at first and today we were up to 5 km. It really does feel great to get some exercise and sunshine, and I'm hoping my midsection will benefit from it. Because baking cakes and eating them is absolutely not doing the trick. Then again, I' am sure the ice cream, oreos, and kit kat's aren't helping matters much either. Remember when you were a teenager and in your 20's and could eat anything and not worry about it because it never added even 1 lb to your body? I miss those days! This having to deny myself food I love and then exercise (the devil's work!) and still seeing very little results is fracking ridiculous! I want my 1999 body back please! But seriously, I'd settle for my 2016 body at this point.
On the subject of health and wellness, Brandon and I don't eat much beef anymore. We decided last year that we'd stop buying it for at home cooking and do our best to avoid it when dining out. For the most part, we've kicked that unhealthy habit. If you ever notice me saying that we are having anything beef, like Korean Beef Rice Bowls, that's actually turkey meat. But every once in a blue moon I crave a cheeseburger, and our usual turkey burgers just won't cut it. And yeah, I was craving a cheeseburger this week, so we got some take out with fries and onion rings too, and OH MY GOSH! It was so good, and I was so full. But good grief, I felt so gross afterwards. So much greasy food and in such large quantities is definitely not good for anyone. And it reminds me why we gave up that kind of stuff in the first place. We are also trying to eat less meat in general. We have #MeatlessMonday each week, and sometimes another day of no meat as well. We are hoping to one day get to where we eat very little meat. But we are still a work in progress. Right now we limit our meats to Chicken, Turkey, and Fish. Sometimes we have pork, like when we make gyozas, but not typically. What are you doing to make your diet healthier?
Anyway, I realize that this is a short MM but sometimes I find that I just don't have that much to say or what I end up writing is way more information than anyone needs to know, or my week just wasn't that exciting and that translates to a very short MM, that I find myself asking if it's worth even posting. But in the end I post it anyway, because what else is there to do on a Monday while stuck in isolation? Not much, unless you consider the long list of house chores I have penciled in for my husband and myself to carry out, the list of parents I'm supposed to call and check in on, getting my winter tires changed out for my all seasons, grocery shopping, stretches & meditation, going for a walk, and starting a professional development module that is due on Wednesday. Ok, I guess I do have things to do after all, and should probably get to doing them.
Until next time, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, & be better!​​​​​​​