My Awesome Husband, B
I'm going to turn him into a bookworm yet!

Ladies and Gentleman it is day 59 of our pandemic induced isolation. That's right, almost two months of being isolated in this tiny condo with very few opportunities to get out and about due to bad weather and/or the fact that there really is no place to go. And I'm not kidding on the bad weather either. This weekend we had what they called a #PolarVortex slide through our neck of the woods, dropping temps and snow. I swear, Mother Nature is taunting us! I mean come on, Canada's winters last long enough without you encroaching on May too!
Today is the start of my husband's first full week back at the office. You guys, I'm not going to lie, I'm certainly not happy about this at all. He is being forced to go back, even though the government's consensus is that anyone who can work from home should be doing so, and he is absolutely capable of doing so. That's all I'm going to say on that, or else this whole monologue will be derailed by a very frustrated rant.
On a more positive note, my husband finished reading the Steve Jobs book, finally! Yay you, B! Now he has moved on to finishing the George Lucas book he started last year. His goal this year is to finish reading at least 6 books (he's a busy man!), so a book he started reading last year counts, right? He has two more books lined up after that. One by Anthony Bourdain and the other is a photography book he had on his Amazon wishlist, in which I purchased for him this week to put back for Father's Day. Sadly, he saw the email stating that I had ordered it, so it's no longer a surprise. Oh well.
I on the other hand finished reading my19th book this past week; The Scent Keeper by Erica Bauermeister. It's a very interesting read and I would recommend it to anyone looking to escape into some fiction. And you guessed it, I'm still soldiering through Virginia Woolf's A Writer's Diary and will likely be for a few more weeks. I have also started reading The Mindful Geek: Mindfulness Meditation for Secular Skeptics by Michael W. Taft and Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, which I'm really liking. Yeah, I might read too much. Nah... not possible. And as if I didn't have enough to read, B got me a one-year subscription to The New Yorker for Mother's Day, which I'm super excited about! Thanks, my love!
This week wasn't too exciting in the TV/Movie/Entertainment department, once again. We did manage to finish all episodes of the show HOME on AppleTV+ (I'd say it was just ok) and also watched Becoming, the behind the scenes look at Michelle Obama's book tour, on Netflix. Having just read the very detailed book, I found the documentary to be a bit bland. I'm also rewatching Modern Family or rather running it in the background when I'm not working or reading. Other than that, it was all about keeping up with YouTube channels we're subscribed to. My recommended Instagram account this week has to go to Tussen Kunst & Quarantine. It's a curated gallery of photos of people imitating works of art during the quarantine. Check it out!
Yep, I'm still trying to keep my social media posts to a minimum, but this weekend I went overboard on posting to my stories. Sorry about that guys. But most likely you didn't see the posts anyway, so what were we talking about?
Having been unable to get out and about and walk has prompted me to walk in the condo, continuously for 30 minutes in the morning and then 30 minutes in the afternoon. I read while walking, which at first made me feel nauseous, but I'm getting used to it now. It also helps pass the time, otherwise I'd get bored and not likely want to follow through. I find myself missing my stationary exercise bike that I sold shortly after moving to Canada, because sadly it was just too noisy for condo living. It would really come in handy right now though. So, I'm looking to get another portable stepper like I had before, but my gosh the prices on home gym equipment has risen quite a lot. I'm told it's due to demand for it while everyone is at home and the gyms are closed. Thanks again COVID! I'll likely do it anyway, because I'm not getting any skinner or healthier sitting here. Today starts a self-imposed two week break from sweets. Snacking is getting out of hand around here, and having sweets has become a daily occurrence. I already gave up my English breakfast tea w/2 sugars (which has become an every morning drink for me during this pandemic) and went back to just drinking green tea no sugars needed. Sigh... getting older and dealing with weight management, when you never had to before, sucks out loud! SUCKS OUT LOUD!
I'm meditating everyday, well maybe not on weekends, but for sure during the week. I'm finding that it helps with my anxiety (that's a big plus for me), as it continues on its crazy roller coaster of ups and downs and all the in betweens. I've found some new guided meditations that I think will be great as I progress further into it. It may seem cheesy, but if you let it, it can help you. If you don't let it, well then you just look silly, don't you.
It has come to my attention that all I'm posting here lately is Monday Monologues, and though I love writing them as they give me a reason to continue to post each week and a way to just get things off my mind, I'm pretty sure I need some other content as well. I haven't prepared any travel guides from our Portugal trip in February, because shit happened and I've been kind of distracted. Perhaps I'll start doing some outlines for those this week. Other than that, I'm working on some short stories, but I'm not sure this is the place to post such things. What do you think? I know I need to start posting more photography related stuff, but I'm honestly not doing any photography from home. Meh, I dunno, we'll see.
So, I know it's short again, but it's time for me to make my exit and I'm sure it's time for you to get back to teaching your kids, working from home, and just surviving. Until next time, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, & be better!​​​​​​​