Hello lovelies! It is day 66 of social distancing, staying at home, quarantine, lockdown, whatever else they call it. We just say day 66 of keeping us and everyone around us safe, because that's what we are all trying to achieve. So, I hope you are all staying safe and keeping those around you safe by social distancing, wearing a mask if you have to be out and about, staying home if you don't, and practicing good hygiene such as washing your hands for at least 20 seconds. It's also Victoria Day here in Canada, which means everyone has a three day weekend, but nowhere to go, which resulted in a lot of people setting off fireworks in town, all night long. Don't people get how disturbing this can be to pets and people, especially those with sensory issues? Sigh.
I finally finished reading my 20th book of the year, Virginia Woolf's A Writer's Diary! I was beginning to think this day would never come, and that it would be like Groundhog Day over and over again, never really finishing, but always picking it up to read again day after day after day. Alas, it is done. All I can say is that it was interesting, but lacked the flow of a written work meant for others eyes, and left my head hurting at the end of each reading, much like VW's constant headaches, perhaps from reading her own work? It wasn't all tedious, and in fact some of it was quite enjoyable to read. Would I read it again? No, not likely, but I'm glad I did this once. I'm still reading The Mindful Geek: Mindfulness Meditation for Secular Skeptics by Michael W. Taft and Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, and enjoying both. AND... Brandon finished George Lucas: A Life by Brian Jay Jones! I'm super proud of him for finishing so quickly and moving on to his next book, Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. I've inspired the bookworm in him, yay!
What are you reading these days?
Speaking of books and writers... I finished the rough draft of a short story that I literally dreamed up and have had stuck in my head ever since. I wish I had captured Brandon's expression as he finished reading it, because it would in that one gasp and drawn out, open mouthed WHAAATTT?! tell you it was a story worth reading. I'm super excited to finally have the gist of it on paper, and can't wait to tweak it until it's exactly how I envision it to be. Then what though? I'm not sure. What can be done with a short story?
I'm also enjoying my digital subscription to The New Yorker. This week I discovered that some of the stories have an audio option, which is really nice to use when I am walking. Brandon and I also really enjoy doing the crossword puzzles using partner mode, and stayed up much later than we should have last night doing multiple puzzles. I think our best time was 17 minutes from start to finish, but most were about 35 to 45 minutes to complete. In the end I don't care how long it takes, as it's just another way to keep our brains functioning properly and helping to ward off things such as brain fog and dementia.
The weather, temperature wise, has improved and this week we'll see temps in the 60's and some 70's towards the end of the week. I'm LOVING it! We are getting a lot of rain, but I'll take that over snow any day. With the nicer weather, we've been able to go for more frequent and longer walks, which has been fantastic. I'm loving the exercise, fresh air, and opportunity to just talk to my husband without all the interruptions of technology. But some days are being overshadowed by the above mentioned rain, so I went ahead and ordered that portable stepper and hopefully it shows up before the summer is over. You just never know with deliveries these days. I ordered a backpack and book from Amazon a while back and so far the tracking shows that Purolator has lost it twice and currently don't know where it is again. On that same day I ordered a new day planner from Amazon that was scheduled to arrive next week and it showed up yesterday. You just never know.
These keep getting shorter and shorter, and I apologize. The thing is I'm not doing or seeing anything new these days, so there isn't much to report besides the same ole' stuff. I'm a person who is generally pretty boring and content to be so, and even I'm bored out of mind. I hope to be able to safely have an adventure soon, but until then, I'm all about the reading, writing, and exercising. Just as I am sure you're all about whatever you can safely do from your home as well.
Anyway, until next time, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, & be better!