It’s day 80 of this social distancing stuff, but let’s put COVID-19 aside for a moment…
This past week we all came to know of George Floyd, by sadly witnessing his murder at the hands of four police officers from the Minneapolis Police Department. This, as well as the hateful words of the president, sparked protests and riots across the United States and other countries as well, and has left us all asking how this could possibly still be happening. How is it that the color of a person’s skin is a factor in how they are treated in this world, not only by schoolmates, neighbors, and co-workers, but by those in positions of authority? Why do we continue to let this be the status quo? Why are we not standing up for our fellow human beings, and letting those in positions of authority know that this is not ok?
People are hurting and angry because they are not being heard. They are scared for themselves and their children, and they can no longer sit back and watch as people in their communities die, simply because they are black. And they shouldn’t have to.
Every human being on this planet should be furious and should want to take action to ensure that this no longer happens in the United States or any other country. #BlackLivesMatter, and we should stand together to ensure that true justice is served and true change is brought about. Anything less is unacceptable. Please do what you can to make a real change, whether that is peacefully protesting, volunteering, and/or donating money to any of the many charities that support this cause. And more important than ever, make sure you get out and vote! The United States needs leadership that will promote equality and justice for ALL citizens, not just for white Americans.
So, ALL citizens need to make their voices heard at the polls!
I hope each and everyone of you stay safe out there, on this quest for justice and change. Just know that you are loved and supported, and please know that not everyone is filled with hate, though at times it very well may feel that way.
As I sit at my computer this morning, looking back on my week, I find little importance in telling you about the shows I watched or the books I was able to finish. My heart is heavy, as are the hearts of millions of others. Right now I find the best thing I can say to you is to remember to be kind, be loving, and be better. Be the change we seek!