I've decided that I need to get out of the creative rut that 2020 landed me and really work towards making photographs on a regular basis again. That is why I made plans with my husband to do a project 52 this year, and why I am going even further by adding some creative challenges to that project. You see, I don't just want to make any ole photograph, I want to create photos that I love, not only because they are aesthetically pleasing, but also because they tell a story, and they reveal a part of who I am creatively. So...
This year I plan not only to make new photographs each week for the project, but to do so only with my 50mm prime lens. I will then be processing these photos in the 1:1 aspect ratio, more commonly referred to as a square crop. And because I like for things to be neat and tidy, I also plan to only post square crops on my Instagram this year, no matter if it's a new photo, project photo, or just one I'm pulling from the archives.
I've given myself these challenges because when you limit yourself to just one lens and just one aspect ratio, you really have to get creative with your photography to enable yourself to get an end result that is pleasing. I remember when all I had was my Canon 5D Classic and a 50mm prime lens, and how shooting with that combo everyday was limiting, but it helped me to learn how to use what is available to me, and ultimately grow as a photographer. To this day, it's still my most favorite body/lens combo ever.
All that being said, I've also made a promise to be more compassionate and kind to myself, and to to stop using such negative inner dialogue. So, the plan is to post a new photo once a week for this project, but if I have an off week and I don't get a new photo, I'm not going to beat myself up about. Instead, I'll do my usual project post here and talk about why I didn't get the shot that week.
And without further ado, I give you this week's photo. To be clear, we're still in middle of a pandemic and in Ontario we're also in a lockdown until at least the end of January. That means any photos I get will be limited to my home and/or neighborhood for the most part. I'm going to try to find interesting subjects regardless, and I guess that's just another challenging aspect of this year's project.
There have been many a cup of coffee or tea had this year, at this table. In years past I probably would have fretted over the lights reflecting on the cup and the coffee, and would have removed them in post. But now I want to focus more on capturing a moment, and less on visual perfection. #P52wTaB
Until next time, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, & be better!