Hello lovelies! I was able to venture out this past week, yay!
That's right. The last two weekends found us out for drives and in nature, and I couldn't have been happier. I've been needing to get out and about, as I am sure we all have. Anyway, it was really nice to get out, breathe fresh air, and feel the sunshine on my face.
The landscape around me still feels a bit dreary though, so I decided to focus more on the details than the broader picture. Which brings me to this week's project photo. I'm always drawn to the patterns you can find in the sand and how they vary depending on many factors such as weather. This day I was drawn to the pattern you see here. I love the flow and texture.
So yeah, that's all I have for you at this time, but I hope you have a great week and until next time make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, be better, & stay safe!