Hello Lovelies! Don't you just love playing with depth of field to create interesting photos? 
I do, which is why I love shooting with fast (f/1.8 or better) prime lenses. In my opinion you can't beat a good prime lens, especially if you're looking to create photos of interest, highlighting certain details and creating smooth, pleasing bokeh. Being able to get that separation between your subject and its surroundings can take a photo form just ok, to something that wows your audience.
Understanding how to use DOF to your advantage can be tricky for beginners, but it's something I highly recommend you master from the start. Once you understand the basics of getting the most pleasing DOF for any given situation, you'll truly be taking your photography to the next level.
I'm not going to go into the details about the fundamentals of DOF, as there are plenty of resources online to help you on that journey. All it takes is a quick Google search of Depth of Field in Photography to discover endless resources to help you improve your craft. So what are you waiting for?
This week's project photo was taken in my home office. We recently rearranged things in here and now my desk faces the window which lets in all this lovely natural light. So... I find myself a subject, played around with some shallow depth of field, and voila!
So yeah, that's all I have for you at this time, but I hope you have a great week and until next time,
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