This week, as you may well have already read on our Instagram, Brandon and I started the #LessIsNow challenge. Basically we are each giving up at least one item a day for 30 days, and some days we will be doing a bonus item that we are both giving up. Anyway, we are saying goodbye to a lot of stuff we perhaps should never have bought, or it has gone into disrepair, as well as items we just don't use anymore. We will be selling some things, donating others, and throwing out the things that aren't of value.
This purge will soon see Brandon's once beloved Fujifilm X-T1 sold off to the highest bidder, so I thought I'd get some shots of it before it goes. However, as we are in a lockdown and now have stay at home orders and somewhat of a curfew, this stuff won't being getting sold or donated until after that lifts.
Just some possibly interesting, maybe not backstory... Brandon bought the X-T1 for me and I didn't love it, so he kept it. It took him about a year to fall in love with it and give up his Nikon system, but he now has 3 Fujifilm cameras, which is why he is letting this one go.
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