Another week has gone by and it was a doozy!
Hello lovelies! We've gotten through another week of 2021, and I don't know about you, but it was a particularly tough one for me. Without going into all the details, let me just say this, in the midst of all that the world has served up in the last year, selfcare has never been more important. Check in with & take care of yourself, know your limits, and know when to ask for help.
So anyway, this week's project photo is of my fabulous husband, Brandon. He is absolutely the best subject to photograph because he has the most wonderful smile. He's also the only other person in the house because we are in lockdown, so yeah. Anyway, I'm so thankful for his love and support, without which getting through last week would have been much more of a challenge. Thank you for being you, my love!
In other news... today is inauguration day in the USA! I may have to pause dry January to have a celebratory glass of wine tonight! I'm so glad to see my home country starting a new chapter and moving forward with competent leadership. Congratulations Joe Biden & Kamala Harris. You have an uphill battle, but I'm confident that you are more than qualified for the job.
Until next time, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, be better, & stay safe!