The challenges of doing a project 52 during a global pandemic while your province is in a lockdown and you are under stay at home orders became so very obvious this week.
Especially when you are one of the few who actually bother to follow the damn rules!
I'm really struggling to find a subject worth photographing in this condo. I've been stuck here since last March and I don't think there is one thing left in this place that interests me enough to take a photograph of it. I set up a coffee cup scene only to realize I've already done something similar to that for this project. Gah! I can't post 52 weeks of coffee! Not only will that bore my audience, but it will crush my creative spirit.
I'm longing for something beautiful... landscapes, cobblestone streets in an ancient city, street performers, cafes, museums, mountains and beaches. I need culture and beauty! I need travel! Sigh...
So yeah, this week was a bust for me. It's too dang cold to go outside, and even then there is nothing to see in my neighborhood. So once again I was forced to find something to shoot in my condo. BUT, I said I'd write about this project every week, no matter if I got a shot or not, so here I am. I did take a photo, but I did not do so with my dslr and 50mm like I set out to do. Instead, I used my iPhone to take a photo of my Canon 5D w/50mm lens. Not exactly per my project guidelines, but at least the camera and lens were used, right?
Hopefully next week will find me more inspired. Until then, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, be better, & stay safe!