So remember back when I said I was going to take all my P52 photos on one of my Canon 5Ds with my 50mm? Yeah... that lasted about 3 weeks.
Intentions were good, but trying to shoot for what will be a square crop with cameras that don't shoot square, isn't ideal. Sure you can crop in post, but being able to visualize the crop in camera usually leads to a better composition, in my experience. The last two weeks I phoned in my photos (b/c square crop on iPhone), which while ok, wasn't in any way in keeping with my main objective for this project, which was to shoot something new with my camera each week.
So, this week I picked up my husband's Fuji X-T2 with the 27mm pancake lens, set it to shoot 1:1 ratio and started the tedious task of learning how to shoot with a Fuji (if you've followed me for very long or listen to our podcasts, you know I'm not a fan). I also tried his 56mm but find it searches for focus way too much, and as a result many of the photos weren't sharp. So I stuck with the 27mm, which is quite sharp and fast.
It's just so nice to be able to see & shoot square. It helps me to better visualize my subject and takes the guess work out of the process rather than shooting something with a default 3:2 ratio and then once it's uploaded in LR realizing it doesn't look good squared. I'm all about making the creative process easier, or rather smoother, so I think I'll be switching gears for now. Hopefully, my husband won't mind that I commandeered his vlogging camera for this project. :-)
*And then... the day before I was set to post this, I figured out how to shoot square on my Canon 5D Mk IV. Go figure! I was trying to do so before by looking through the cameras viewfinder and taking the image. Turns, you can't do that and shoot in 1:1 or any other aspect ratio other than the camera's default 3:2. You must first switch to live view. And if you want the image to retain the chosen aspect ratio, you must shoot in jpeg. So yeah, mystery solved! Perhaps next week I'll have a project photo shot on my Canon, yay!
Anyway, below is my project photo. Shot on the Fuji X-T2 and processed using a vintage preset in LR. Plus, it's a vintage camera, and I love vintage cameras! I mean it's no landscape, but it's what was available to me, so yeah.
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