Not to belabour the point, but I'm still stuck at home, like many of us are. Therefore, my project photos are still from inside my condo and I fear they will become too domestic. Nevertheless, I continue to take photographs, because it's what I do and it's who I am. Instagram algorithm be damned, I will photograph and post what appeals to me, whether it appeals to anyone else or gets me any likes on social. I don't make photographs for anyone but myself. End rant.
This week's photo is very simplistic and dare I say minimalist. Last weekend we switched rooms and made our master bedroom the home office/studio and our small office our bedroom. It's created a cozy, minimal, & peaceful environment that had been lacking in the larger bedroom, and I'm quite enjoying it. So, I decided I'd take a few images of the new room, and even though there isn't much to this particular photograph, I love it all the same.
And yes, this was shot on my Canon 5D MK IV, as I found out how to shot 1:1 in camera, yay!
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