This weekend the sun came out and warmed us to above freezing!
In fact, it was warm enough for us to get out and about for a walk on the waterfront. It really was nice to get some fresh air, as well as be able to get in a few photos here and there, as it's been so long since I was out taking photos of anything else besides my condo.
Though I definitely realized the limitations of shooting jpeg (I have to shoot jpeg to be able to shoot square) and controlling white balance. Usually, I can fix WB in post if it doesn't turn out great in camera, but with jpeg, it isn't so simple and usually makes things look worse. Especially with snow covered landscapes. I suppose if I shot mirrorless, I wouldn't have this issue, because I could shoot square RAW. Oh well.
My project photo for this week came from that afternoon walk. I processed it B&W because well, the white balance issue. And as of Monday we are back in lockdown, so no more walks on the waterfront for a while.
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