Rainy days aren't necessarily bad days.
Brandon and I went out to put gas in his car for the week (an essential task) and we brought along our cameras, just in case we happened upon something interesting that we could take a quick snap of. Good news is that rainy days in the car, can be quite interesting, visually. Not so great news, it wasn't anything that tempted me to pull my camera out of the bag.
I did however play around with taking a few artsy shots with my iPhone, and that brings me to this week's photo. I took about 6 photos with my iPhone, and this one caught my eye way more than the others. It has that look to it that says it's more than meets the eye. Ya know? Or perhaps it's just me. Either way, I like it. And yeah, that means my project photo was phoned in, but it is my project so I can phone it in here in there if I like.
So yeah, that's all I have for you at this time, but I hope you have a great week and until next time, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, be better, & stay safe!