In Rome you'll find no shortage of churches ranging from simply elegant to absolutely, magnificently ornate. You could spend your whole trip just visiting these beautiful structures, and still never see them all. It's definitely one of the things I'd recommend you take the time to check out while you're here, but... please do it respectfully.
If you plan to visit churches, make sure you are dressed properly. Basically this means that you must cover your shoulders and your knees, which means no tank tops or shorts. Really though, it's just respectful to follow the dress code when visiting religious sites and many churches won't let you in if you don't comply. So, be a good traveller and cover up.
Remember that these are working churches, which means they may be holding services and special events such as weddings, so be respectful of that. If that is the case, come back when you are able to view the interior without interrupting services. Also make sure you follow the rules when viewing the interiors. Some churches don't want you take photos or video, and some require absolute silence. Most will have some form of signage that will alert you to any such rules, but others in the less touristy areas will just expect people to know. Don't be that tourist who thinks they are above all the rules. Nobody likes that tourist.
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