Hello Lovelies! And welcome to my Revisit Series. As I mentioned previously, there isn't much travel to be had in the wake of this pandemic, so I'll be going back and revisiting some of the trips we've taken in the last 6 years, in no particular order. I'm starting with Rome simply because it's Rome, and what more can I say, it's awesome.
The first stop in Rome for many is The Pantheon. This is a must visit when in the Eternal City, and one of the few free attractions, as it is still a working church. You will be in awe as you enter the doors of this beautiful landmark. No matter how many pictures you see or how many times others tell you just how amazing it is, nothing compares to seeing it for yourself, in person, while getting a kink in your neck from looking up for so long. It's truly beautiful. Just remember that when you visit churches in Rome (and most other countries) you must be respectful and dress appropriately. Mostly this means that you must cover your shoulders & knees and wear shoes.
The Pantheon is located in the Piazza della Rotonda alongside the Fountain of the Pantheon with its six-meter obelisk. This piazza can get very busy and crowded so I suggest getting there early in the morning, perhaps just before The Pantheon opens, or even later in the afternoon, just before it closes. We found getting there early made getting into The Pantheon and then having time to explore the piazza afterwards, much easier without all the crowds. While inside, make sure you put the camera or phone away for a moment (Yeah I know, deep breath!) and just take it all in.
So yeah... it's beautiful ,it's free (for now), and the piazza is lined with cafes and restaurants from which you can do all the people watching your heart desires; all while enjoying some of the best food and drinks (it's all good in Italy!) this planet has to offer. You can't go wrong! 
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