Hello lovelies and welcome back to my Revisit Rome Series! This week we are taking a look at the streets of Rome. Yes, I know I promised The Forum, but I need some more prep time with those photos; sorry. Anyway... The Eternal City is filled with so many picturesque, Instagram worthy cobblestone streets and lanes, but be prepared to look beyond all the surface beauty, and discover the truly interesting aspects of the city.
I was so drawn to and fascinated by the quaint streets of Rome I had seen in so many photographs over the years, that when I got there and started exploring, I was somewhat disappointed. Let's be honest, tourism has taken over so many of these beautiful neighborhoods and changed them; and not always for the better. What I discovered is that the beautiful streets and lanes of neighborhoods such as Trastevere are now party central, packed with not always respectful tourists, and littered with smelly garbage. And let's face it, that's not exactly aesthetically pleasing.
I found myself having to let go of my preconceived notions of what the streets were supposed to look like, and embrace what they actually are. Doing so helped me to find the beauty, even if it was a bit covered up with otherwise unpleasant things. After all, part of my job as a photographer is to document the world as I see it, not as I wish it were. I also had to realize that if I wanted to see the streets of Rome without all the tourists and the mess, that I had to be out early, but not earlier than the street cleaning crews. Sadly, I didn't always have that luxury.
In the end, I made due with the time slots I had available for this particular trip and was able to get a few images of the streets of Rome that I liked. What I learned was that I had to make myself available during "down" times, and allow myself time to explore. When you only have a week in Rome and your itinerary is packed, you're not necessarily going to have these times available. So my best tip would be to schedule in 2 or 3 mornings and 2 or 3 evenings where you can freely explore the streets, without all the crowds and itineraries. You won't regret allowing yourself this extra free time and you'll see a side of Rome that you otherwise wouldn't.
To be fair, I had very little time to explore the streets like I wanted to be able to do, what with all the scheduled visits to the local attractions and the herniated disc that made itself known just a week before we left for Rome. I had wanted to be able to get outside the touristy spots and really immerse myself in the lesser known neighborhoods. If I had, perhaps I would have had better luck finding streets that more accurately matched the pictures I had in my mind. That being said, this will be my first priority if I ever find myself in Rome again! 
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