We bring our Revisit Rome Series to a close by reminding you to take in the views. Rome is magical and it's easy to get caught up in seeing all the touristy spots, while neglecting the true gems. The pursuit to hit all those spots often keeps us from just wandering around and taking in all the fantastic sights around us; of which Rome has an abundance.
There are so many beautiful viewpoints around the city from which you can see the streets and buildings in a whole other light and perspective. Finding these spots is often my very favorite part of a trip. It affords me views that perhaps I don't always see represented on travel sites and Instagram. And that's perfection in my book!
It doesn't take much to explore and find these gems. It may mean stopping on the back staircase of a monument/attraction that is otherwise viewed from the other side, or getting outside the city to an overlook that gives you an expansive view. It also means paying attention to the details, changing your perspective, cropping in, and just being creative with your shots.
I hope you've enjoyed this series as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you. I have so many more photos from Rome that I have yet to process, but perhaps I'll share them another time.
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