One doesn't visit Rome without visiting Vatican City. Being one of the most visited sites in the world, you shouldn't expect to see anything or get anywhere in a hurry. In fact, I'd give yourself at least half the day to explore Vatican City, The Vatican Museums, and Saint Peter's Basilica. Seriously, I could have stayed in Saint Peter's all day long, marveling at its beauty. It's breathtaking!
Though we didn't have the best of luck with our chosen tour company, I'd definitely recommend getting a before hours tour. These types of tours usually get you into the museums at least an hour before the general public and affords you better viewing with less crowds, if just for a moment. Research, research, research! Do your research before choosing a tour company and make sure your before hours tour is actually before hours. Also, make sure they will be taking you to the spots you want to see inside the museum. Lastly, if you plan to visit Saint Peter's afterwards, make sure your tour company can get you in quickly as it's crazy in there!
If you plan to go it alone, that's great too, and will afford you the flexibility to see exactly what you want and at your own pace. Just know that once you exit the museums, you'll have to stand in a massive line to see Saint Peter's. With a tour, you get to bypass this, but the tours also tend to bypass much of the museums in order to get you in and out of both attractions in 3 hours or less. Yikes! So weigh the pros and cons.
Also, if you plan to go it alone, get there super early and consider buying a skip the line pass, as this will expedite the whole process. You may still stand in line, but it won't be nearly as long as the other. You'll thank me later!
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