It’s been a while since a made one of my famous (in my mind) social media rants.
So, Here I am. I’ve dusted off my keyboard and I’m fresh off a bad day on Instagram. What better time to rant about the evils of social media in this ever growing digital world of ours.  I mean hello, there is a whole generation of people who’ve grown up on social media, living a digital life that is just normal for them. That’s crazy for me to think about. But then again, I’m what they consider old, so what do I know?
When I rant about social media, it’s usually concerning Instagram, because I’m only on two platforms these days, and the other is Twitter. Up until recently Twitter wasn’t really photographer friendly in that it had this horrible crop on photos that wasn’t at all complimentary to most photographs. They’ve changed that now, and I’m seeing a flood of photographers taking advantage of it, and I’m really liking the vibe. Instagram on the other hand…
I’m getting tired of the spam bots there and tired of the fact that Instagram seems little motivated to do anything about it. AND… if you bother to publicly voice your opinion on Instagram’s crappy handling of this spam situation, suddenly you find yourself surrounded by crickets. Let me explain…
Yesterday I got yet another (happens almost daily) DM from a random account that has no followers and is new, promoting a company (always the same one) on Instagram. Obviously the company used one of those pay someone to “get” you followers services, which is against Instagram’s TOS, but I digress.  Each time I get these messages I report them as spam, block the random person, and message the company asking them to stop targeting my account with their paid cronies. The company responds that all their followers are organic and I should check out their account. Umm, no thanks! Basically, they know what they are doing, and aren’t even trying to denying it, and yet Instagram lets it continue.
So, I’d had enough and posted to my stories that I’d had enough and tagged Instagram in it yesterday afternoon. From that point on, my engagement dropped, drastically. Now I’ll admit, I don’t get tons of engagement as I’m hovering at just 1k followers, but what little engagement I usually get is gone. Coincidence? Maybe, but it doesn’t feel that way. I’ve heard of people having the same thing happen to them when they dare to publicly rant about Instagram, but perhaps it’s just a fluke?  It just feels like yet another nail in the Instagram coffin for me.
What I do know is that they don’t seem to be addressing the spam issues, and it makes my experience there, less than desirable. All the issues with algorithm aside (and there are plenty to dissect), Instagram has become much less photographer friendly, and much more geared towards video content. Of which I’m trying to embrace, but it just isn’t my forte.  I’m working on it, because I’m told to stay relevant in this digital world you have to, but good grief, I’m not even relevant now, so what does it even matter?!
Anyway, I think I’ll concentrate on Twitter more for a while, and see if it pans out to be a better experience than Instagram.  I’m sure I’ll still post to Instagram, but I will not spend very much time there anymore. I’ll simply stop by to drop off a photo, and move on.  It’s probably about time for a social media detox anyway. At least one from what my husband affectionately calls Instaspam.
Anyway, until next time, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, be better, & stay safe!                                     ^Ha, I know right?!