I’ve started to get back into burning candles to help make my space smell lovely, but…
So, many many moons ago I was a candle addict. I loved having scented candles all over the house, because I love having my home smell lovely.  It was pretty nice, but I really disliked the smokey smell once the candle was blown out, and I eventually switched to Bath & Body Works Wallflowers scented oil diffusers. Much less mess, but I have to say the cost is higher as well, and the scents don’t seem to linger in the air as long as candles do. But, it seemed the safer, less smokey alternative, so that’s what I’ve done for the last 8 years or so.
Recently though, COVID has kept me from being able to go to the store and buy wallflowers, and my current supply is about to be all used up. So, I thought I’d start using the scented candles that I bought merely for decoration and/or a power outages. And the first few days of use, went really well. The scents were so nice and were strong enough to last, but not so strong that it was too much. I began to think that candles were once again the way to go.
But.. after a few days of use, even with keeping the wicks properly trimmed, my candles started putting off a black smoke (you may have seen me talk about this in an Instagram story) and I wasn’t really paying attention to that fact until I left my desk for a break (several hours after lighting two candles) and noticed it seemed hazy in my living area. And then noticed that the candles were putting off black-ish smoke and it was so much that it had left a film on shiny surfaces such as toilet seats. It was gross and frankly off putting, and a bit worrisome that my smoke alarms didn’t go off, and also that I didn’t notice it until I moved from one room to another.
Anyway, I Googled the issue and came up with the whole keeping the wick trimmed and all that nonsense that I already knew and was doing. I also came across some “magic” stuff that said all sorts of negative things about what black smoke from a candle can mean, which only made me so much more happy that I don’t buy into that stuff.  Anyway, I have attempted to burn these two candles twice since, and both times either right away or eventually, the candles would start putting off black-ish smoke, and I’d have to blow them out. Such a bummer!
In conclusion, I’m about out of wallflower refills and my candles aren’t exactly cooperating, so I’m not exactly sure of what I’ll do for my home scent needs. And as I write this all down, I realize what a first world problem this sounds like, and I cringe a bit. I mean how ridiculous a problem is this, with all the shit going on in the world?! But, it is what’s happening in my space, and that’s what I know. So yeah.
Of course, this is my picture for the week. It’s been quite rainy here, which I welcome over snow any day, but it has limited our outdoor time. That means my project photo was once again shot inside the condo. So exciting! She says with sarcasm.
So, until next time, make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter and remember to be kind, be loving, be better, & stay safe!