Hello lovelies and welcome to our final installment of the LCBO Wines $10 or less. Sadly, we seem to have exhausted all the options in this price point, at this time. The LCBO's in our area don't seem to be staying stocked very well, their inventory is low and there isn't much variety to choose from. That being said, we'll still be recommending wines here, just those priced a bit higher and maybe not on a monthly basis. At least not until this pandemic is over and the supply chain can run at full speed again. So, without further ado, I bring you July's wine picks!
Our white wine pick for July is a Chapel Hill Debrői Hárslevelű. This is a medium-bodied fruity, off-dry wine from the Balatonboglár region of Hungary. This wine has an M (medium) rating on the sweetness scale and its alcohol percentage is a 13. It pairs well with chicken and lean meat dishes, as well as stir fry. Though I tend to stay away from sweet wines, I found this medium sweet wine to be just right for sipping and enjoying on a summer day, as it's quite refreshing and not obviously sweet. The cost is $9.95 CAD, which is about $7.45 USD. Interestingly enough... if you look for this wine on the LCBO app it won't show up. In fact, if you scan the barcode it shows you another Hungarian wine by a different Winery. Odd.
Our red wine pick for July is Mommessin Cuvée Saint Pierre Rouge. This is a light-bodied, fruity, and smooth red blend from France. It has a rating of XD (Extra Dry) on the sweetness scale and its alcohol percentage is a 12. It pairs well with beef and fish dishes and it also refreshing just as a sipping wine. The cost is $8.45 CAD, which is about $6.32 USD. I tend to stay away from red blends, as I find that they are hit and miss, but I think you can't go wrong with this one, especially considering its price point. And there you have it, the last of the $10 and under series of wine picks. I hope you have enjoyed this series and that you'll stay tuned for what's to come next!​​​​​​​
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